What we’re founded on


After being a military spouse and moving every couple of years, my husband and I have lived in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Hawaii, and now North Carolina.  Having to update my resume and find a new job everywhere I moved, I quickly realized how important branding myself and being able to market myself in this day and age was for any profession. Luckily, I was already knowledgeable about social media so, I got hired to manage social media accounts and turn lead generation techniques into happy clients in the corporate world. Eventually, I became confident enough with my skill set and decided to part ways with that company and begin on my own!


As I started down this new career path in life I came to realize that my passion for helping others extended much further than just content creation, it was helping others grow their brand awareness and businesses! I realized that not only did the business owners NOT want to learn how to do this but, they also do NOT want to delegate the time to do it either.


When I first start working with my current clients, almost all of them say that Social Media Presence was the last thing on their minds! Their common objections were not enough time, not sure where to start, and not willing to learn. Until they became educated on truly how many individuals are actively using social media platforms on a daily basis, there was no way that they could resist tapping into that market!


That is where we come in to help! Allowing you to be of value to your viewers, I find great joy in helping motivated business owners with their marketing models overall. This is because I know firsthand how hard it is to market yourself if you are not equipped with the proper tools. Through that, I continued to grow my following and quickly scaled to become a household name throughout the referral network of brands and business owners. Through past satisfied clients and interested business owners, JS Social Agency was born!

- JS