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Meet the Founder

Jenna Silvius - Taken by Katelynn Mae Photography

My name is Jenna, and I am the Founder and CEO of JS Social Agency.

"After being a military spouse and moving every few years, I quickly prioritized having an up-to-date resume and networking. Finding a new job everywhere we moved, I realized how vital branding myself and being able to market myself in this day and age was.

Luckily, I was already knowledgeable about social media, so I got hired to manage social media accounts and turn lead-generation tactics into satisfied clients in the corporate world. Eventually, I became confident enough with my skill set and decided to part ways with that company and begin on my own.

Through this, JS Social Agency was born."


Together, We are JS Social Agency.

We are a boutique social media marketing agency specializing in brand strategy and organic social media efforts.

We help small to medium-sized companies create their brand presence and achieve awareness goals. One of the most significant values of organic social is that you can get your authentic voice and message out to those who need to hear it the most.

We thrive on helping our clients connect with people authentically by creating relationships with followers, establishing trust through transparency, and providing value through quality content.

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